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Portable blenders are becoming the prime choice of end-users to accomplish the blending requirements. You can prepare coffee, protein shake, baby food, juice and smoothies in no time by choosing these products. It has become the best choice of people to ensure a comfortable and hassles free trip. If you are searching for the high quality of blenders available in the market, you can select from either of the above-mentioned products:

PopBabies Smoothie Rechargeable Portable Smoothie

If you are searching for a suitable product to prepare baby food and a protein shake, you can opt for this product without a second thought. It comes with a 17 oz cup to blend different types of food products. It is equipped with a BPA free bowl which possesses four different leaves blade that is known to be attached to the bottom. A prominent reason why this product has become the best option for the end-user is that this sharp blade setting is capable of blending the nuts, frozen fruits, and ice in no time. In addition to this, the ready-made blades of this product are known to be safer to handle. Also, it comes with the 4000 mAh Li-ion battery which provides the prerequisite freedom to carry the blender anywhere.

Sboly Smoothie Single Serve Blender

It is recognized to be one of the well renowned portable blenders, available in the market which is equipped with an effective motor. The 10-second swirl of this product allows you to prepare the drink of your choice. While other brands might be overheated owing to the technical malfunctions or prolonged usage, this product includes automated recovery facilities and overheating prevention feature. It is also chosen by people on a wide scale owing to the ease of operation and cleaning up.

Ninja Fit Personal Blender for Shakes

This portable blender is considered to be the best option for people who want to make a smoothie after those intense gym sessions. It boasts of the cyclone push technology which enables the blades to grind as well as pulverize the whole fruits into the smoothie shakes without making any compromise on its nutritional value. It is equipped with a high power motor of 700Watts, which allows you to insert ice as well as the harshest elements in the same. It comes with the variation in lid design by which you can push the food down to blend it once again. It also comes with two different ninja cups of 16 oz along with the hassle-free seal lids and two different sips, by which you can live the active life easier.

Ayyie Personal Rechargeable Juicer Cup

This portable blender is known to be the number one choice of end-users owing to the 20000 rotation speed which is sufficient for blending frozen fruits, ice, nuts, vegetables in no time. It comes with ready-made mechanical safety features that play an indispensable role in ensuring that all the ingredients are in the right place. The product is not going to work in case it gets overheated and overcharged. You can prepare almost 10-20 cups of juice daily by charging it completely. You will be amazed to know that you can clean the product in less than twenty seconds.

BELLA BLA13984 Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender

It is one of the leading portable blenders, which offer grinding and blending features. It is equipped with the powerbase of 700-watts by which you can prepare the smooth beverage from the crunchy and wet ingredients. It comes with the stainless steel blades which you will be capable of blending and emulsifying the green vegetables and fruits. In addition to this, it comes with the grinding blade which is useful in pulverizing the spices and dry fruits. People love to choose this product on a wide scale as it can be fitted at any place owing to its compactness. You can make the best use of this product for preparing hot and natural drinks.

BluFied Personal Travel Blender

It contributes to being a single-serve portable blender that is equipped with a wide assortment of diverse features. It comes with a sleek power base along with a cup of 12 oz. In addition to this, it features a plastic cup that is known to be BPA free. Besides this, it includes four different leaves stainless steel blades which are known to be attached to the cup by which you will be capable of emulsifying, pulverizing and crushing the food products, within the edges. You can opt for this product for preparing baby food, smoothies, and protein shakes, to name a few. The power base of this product possesses the motor of 148 watt which is capable of rotating the blades, by almost 25000 rpm. Once you charge it, you can use it for at least 10-20 times. The Safety Lock feature of this product ensures hassle-free use.

The portable blenders are known to be compact and small and thus you can fit them in your travel backpack along with the accessories easily. If you are looking for the best in class portable blenders in the market, you can opt for either of the above-mentioned products.

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